Thursday, 10 December 2009

Secret Wars Cardiff Euro Qualifier

Sundays Euro qualifier was held in a busy Buffalo bar. Fresh white walls awaited, Magic, Chris Allen, Dom, Rarebit, Mcintyre, and Ant Mann. Each artist brought their own individual style, Chris Allens sharp Clean lines sat well next to Mcintyre's dark Zombie apocalypse inspired piece. Magic And Rarebit showed off their bold graffiti style both going head to head with Christmas themes and cunning depictions of each other. Ant mans piece hit home with a mad scientist questioning the corpse of Euro Wars battle entrant exclaiming 'He just couldn't handle it'. it was nice to see Newport's very own Dom back in action drawing his trade mark cuddly monsters that seemed to be devouring what looked like him self. Thanks to Ruffstylz for hosting and to Mayor and Cardiff's hottest producer Ming for judging proceedings.

Big shouts to Edding for consistently sponsoring with the best pens on the market.

Roll on the Euro League !!!

IMG 0633

IMG 0641

IMG 0642

IMG 0645

IMG 0646

IMG 0648

IMG 0656

IMG 0659

IMG 0660

IMG 0663

IMG 0665

IMG 0668

IMG 0666

IMG 0672

IMG 0680

IMG 0692

IMG 0693

IMG 0697

IMG 0698

IMG 0700

IMG 0673

IMG 0682

IMG 0706

IMG 0717

IMG 0725

IMG 0727

IMG 0731

IMG 0746

IMG 0755

IMG 0762

IMG 0783

IMG 0791

IMG 0801

IMG 0805

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IMG 0829

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